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  • Digital membership card
  • Discounts off all HVBN sanctioned rides
  • Discounts on HVBN apparel
  • $250 serious physical injury benefit
  • $500 death benefit
  • HVBN Patch
  • Discount on HVBN hosted events
  • Discount on HVBN Merchandise at Online Store
  • Discount at HVBN Participating Partners


We’re an advocacy group for the motorcycle community. Besides being a great resource guide for motorcycle tourism throughout the Hudson Valley, we assist with event planning and charitable causes!

Nope. We’re not focused on any single brand of motorcycle. We welcome all riders regardless of what they ride.

Not at all! We support all bikers regardless of whether they’re in an MC, RC, or just lone riders. We provide charity, education, and more where we can in support of the motorcycle community and beyond.

Absolutely! This is what the network is all about. We welcome riders from all walks of life, creeds, backgrounds, etc. We simply expect you to treat everyone with respect and have the same shown to you.

Not if we see you first! All HVBN members are welcoming to all riders. 

Please contact Eddie Ramirez at

our benefits

why join?

There’s nothing quite like the biker community. Being a member of the HVBN opens many avenues towards a life filled with adventure and thrills while hanging out with kickass people. Through our elite membership program gain VIP access to discounted events, community resources, and other benefits!

Through our partnership program, we’re happy to pass the benefits off to our members with discounts to restaurants, lodging, dealerships, entertainment, and repair shops. Not to mention HVBN supported events and rides.

Get access to the best education in riding in the Hudson Valley. We have access to every motorcycle education course available, and will help you get placed in the course that’s right for you.

Come one, come all. It doesn’t matter what you ride or who you ride with. All are accepted. All bikers are encouraged to join. Run what you brung!!